Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Deadlifts yesterday: 417.5 for either 7 or 8 reps. Lost count. If it was 7 then I did less than last week, 8 and I did more. Oh well, I'm only going to stress my week 4 maxes compared to the next cycle.

Been doing lots and lots of hour-long walks, and so far have done hill sprints twice this week. Decided to move these onto the same days as lifting so that the day after can be a more complete restorative day, with just walking as exercise.

Yesterday I did something stupid. I stretched my shoulder quite extensively to make it more flexible for powerlifting squats. Today it kept clicking as result. I didn't even realize what it stemmed from at first. No pain at all, I can just feel it click when I move the arm above my head. It did it a bit on my walk, too. I violated the utmost important principle I learned from Stuart McGill: stability before flexibility. I'm not going to worry about doing low-bar squats right now. I can bench and overhead press, and that's pretty damn miraculous. Just going to keep doing band-handle or Olympic squats for the foreseeable future.

When I was doing the stretches my shoulder hurt for the duration of them, but I felt it was productive pain. Not going to accept that anymore. I'll work on flexibility when there's no pain from pulling it way back.

Not sure if I'm going to barbell bench tomorrow, just out of safety. Might do dumbbells.

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