Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Entry #924

Fuck yeah.

Doing a full-body plan to accommodate my shoulder. Was able to do squats using the exercise bands as handles. High bar, narrower stance, but squats are squats. Thanks go to Emevas for getting the idea started to use vice grips, which got me doing a lot of research and discovering how vintage strongman J.V. Askem would use lifting straps for front squats.

Eventually I came across the Top Squat by Dave Draper, a piece of equipment that latches on to a barbell and mimics a SSB (but with wider handles). This retarded thing was almost $200 and one guy complained that the bar shifts and rattles inside it.

I set out instead to buy a cheap pair of straps off Amazon. In the meantime I simply tried using the gym bands and they worked marvelously.

Safety-band squats:
315 x 5
> ATG. Note to self: low bar, wide stance, don't even bother with ATG as long as I get below parallel. Narrower stance tonight shows me that there's a form for going super deep and a form for simply lifting a helluva lot.

Unilateral dumbbell press:
55, 70, 95, 105, 115 x 5; right arm
45 x 5-30 reps; left arm
> Good thing I ordered my own dumbbell handles because I'm going to blast through 125 easily.

Standing bent-over dumbbell rows:
40, 55, 75, 80 with Fat Gripz; 90 x 5; right arm
40-45 x 5-25 with Fat Gripz; left arm

On a side-note, it's been exactly one year since I subluxed my shoulder the first time (note FreshDre's creepy comments being consistently there back then): http://l3loodfist.xanga.com/731083114/entry-827/

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  1. It's been one year since you switched fap hands. Congratulations!So how is your grip coming along?