Saturday, July 30, 2011

Entry #922

Shoulder is feeling better. Wearing a sling seemed to retard recovery more than anything. Still feels weak, though, so I have to be careful, but at least I'm pain-free.

Gonna be revamping my routine to be accommodating for my condition. I've been through this before so I know what to do. All unilateral movements.

In the meantime, I'm sticking with 24 Hour until I can get some heavy dumbbells of my own. Crunch is my new gym of choice, but make no mistake about it: it's purely for the price, $10 a month. They have no squat or power racks and the heaviest dumbbells only go to 80. They fucking suck, but so does 24 Hour. At least Crunch has round plates and kettlebells.

Instead of real racks they have a Jones machine, which is like a Smith machine but with 3D plane movement. A lot better, but still nothing that I want to do squats under. The hooks are big enough for a free bar to fit in, though, as long as I move the machine's bar out of the way. Only problem is the bars aren't long enough so it'll sit crooked when I want to squat. This is going to suck, lol.

But on that note I'm stoked about buying my own equipment. Gonna order a pair of Olympic dumbbell bars for only $50, and I'm even thinking about a portable squat rack for the future that I can fit in my car:

Also going to want a trap bar, Swiss bar, and a pair of Kroc row bars, in addition to the bands and boars I already keep there. You know how Civic owners get shit for tricking out their car? This is how to upgrade one the right way.

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