Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Entry #889

DE upper, 60 sec rests for everything

Speed bench with bands:
165 x 3, 10 sets
> Used the gym tubes with the plastic handles, but for the sake of the principles and reasons that "band training" denotes I'll use that as a moniker.

Javelin press:
65 x 5, 4
45 x 8, 5
45 x 8, 4
> Left arm was WAY worse than right. Seemed like a stabilization issue because the bar was all over the place in my left.

Band pressdowns:
30 reps
> The only way to do pressdowns.

Neutral pull-ups:
12, 5, 5, 3, 3
> Not counting some failed partial reps. No rest pauses whatsoever.

Hammer curls with Fat Gripz:
40 x 5, 8, 6

Did some really good NEPA and cardio yesterday. Hour-long walk in the afternoon while listening to talk radio, and then over to the gym to do forced treadmill runs (I'm coining these "deadmills", not only for their difficulty but because the treadmill isn't on during them) and the elliptical.

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