Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Entry #882

I have every reason to change gyms.

A non-commercial facility will have better equipment, while a cheap commercial gym like Crunch will save me money at only $10 a month. The former choice will probably be better for health as well. Reading my last entry made me realize how much of a sour mood I'm put in every time I step into the gym. I get my work done no matter what, but the atmosphere is just terrible and it incites me to have a crotchety superiority-complex when I'm there. To be fair, one can only take people occupying the only mobile bench to use for Smith machine overhead press so many times. Seriously, WHY is that so popular?

I neither train late anymore nor use the swim and hot tub facilities so the only perks 24 Hour had is gone.

Right now I'm browsing around for a powerlifting spot to lift at. It's an exciting prospect.

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