Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Entry #870

Had an awesome cheat day on the weekend that I never mentioned. Went to the mall and engorged on cheap Indian food (lamb, rice and yogurt) at the food court and then had Cinnabon for dessert. As I sit here eating low fat cottage cheese before bed my mouth is watering.

Went to see Combichrist live last night and it sucked due to three hours of shitty opening bands. Got some NEPA in from metaling out. Today I did HIIT.

So I'm done my deload and I'm still on the fence about where to go moving forward. More Wendler or Westside? I'm making such good gains, but I really want to put my bands and boards to use.


  1. I felt like there was room for band and board work in 5/3/1.  Do you have the book? 

  2. No, I'm just going off of a T-Nation article. You?There's a new version called 5/3/1 for Powerlifting but all it seems to do is lower the reps.

  3. Check out the book on LL.  It covers a lot of stuff.  The new book is supposed to actually cover meet prep and peaking, along with training gear and even steroid usage.  I'm gonna try to pick it up sometime.