Thursday, April 7, 2011

Entry #850

Went to the hospital last night. An x-ray revealed that I don't have glass in my hand. They conjectured that I have a partial tendon laceration. This should heal on its own, but it takes a while. I have a hand doctor reference to follow-up with in the meantime.

So, last month. My deadlift was miserable. 365 is heavy for me. I switched to Wendler's 5/3/1 which has me doing weight infuriatingly light (90% of my max is what I use as my max for calculating percentages) but high reps on the last set. This has worked amazing for my deadlift.

Today I was supposed to do 345 x 1+, with the + being as high a rep I could muster. I started out with 275 to build up. Then 315, which felt super light. Decided to be bold and go up to 405 instead of 365. Did that for an easy 3, with only my grip giving out. Went up to 455 for a strong single.

No, I don't think 455 is high in and of itself, but at this rate I'll get at least 500 for my next cycle, which is pleasantly fast progress. I attribute doing reps of at least 8 with decently heavy deadlift weight.


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