Sunday, April 3, 2011

Entry #847

Bench press:
195 x 3
235 x 3
265 x 9
> This is kind of ridiculous. The last set is supposed to be 3 but you're encouraged to go beyond that and do as many as you can manage. Though I'm not amazed at this it's still the highest weight I've repped for that many. I've never been strong in strength-endurance.

Next week I'm pushing 285. Would kick ass if I could bench that for 8.

Tate press:
70 lb. dumbbells x 12
70 x 10
70 x 8
55 x 12
30 x 15

Horizontal cable rows:
Didn't look at the weight. X 12 for 5 sets

Hammer curls:
30 lb. dumbbells x 15
3 sets

Why the seemingly low weights? Rests were no more than 60 seconds, and form was Nazi strict.

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