Saturday, November 27, 2010

Entry #837

Bravo, one previous entry for November. That's worth ethic.

Had a nasty neck injury (cervical disc herniation by my best guess) from doing supinated cable rows (embarrassing) somehow, but I'm back in commission for the most part.

In other news, I'm leaving for Portland, OR tomorrow morning and I'm basically up late packing. Training will increase by a large magnitude, particularly fighting.

I've been spending the entire week with my dad and I'm actually going to miss the old battle axe - a lot. I've just been brushing off sentimental expectations this entire time but I'm clearly not immune. He's a badass and my best friend.


  1. What're you up to in Portland?  It's my old neck of the woods.

  2. I'm glad your neck is feeling better. That means you'll be able to perform auto-fellatio again.