Monday, October 4, 2010

Entry #833

Deadlift form is currently in the range of "atrocious". Had to cut my attempted ME session short last week at, like, 365 because my knees were locking out so much earlier than my back. Used my Droid X's camcorder mode to confirm this.

The day before that was very productive, though - my shoulder was able to handle repping 225 on bench press with no pain. ROM, while still not complete, was much deeper than the week prior and the bar even managed to brush against my chest on later reps.

Today for RE I increased the weight in pretty much everything. Sure, it's still weight I've done before, but never with a recovering shoulder and at only 207 lbs. of bodyweight. Progress.

Reading a lot of good T-Nation articles tonight. Also, dig the Street Fighter-inspired beach picture: