Friday, August 27, 2010

Entry #829

Training has been going superbly. Did a full 4 days this week. On ME day I did more of a RE approach using unilateral lifts to accommodate my bad shoulder. For the main lift I dumbbell pressed a 100 lb. dumbbell one-handed for 10 reps, then switched to a 50 lb. dumbbell with my bad arm for 30-40 reps (not full ROM). Imbalances? Tough, they'll even it out when I'm better. There's absolutely no reason to let my other 3 limbs suffer in the meantime.

On Tuesday I did DE with weighted depth jumps. Holding 40 lb. dumbbells, I jumped on a 28-inch box for 10 sets.

Yesterday I did RE with rows.

Today, disappointment set in as I realized I'm unable to do squats - my shoulder, while improving in strength (I'm able to use it functionally with no pain for many exercises one would think otherwise about), is not flexible enough to grasp the bar behind my back. I did front squats instead, but my legs were so sore from Tuesday that I barely managed 275 for three reps. It felt gratifying to lockout through the pain, even though that weight used to be child's play.

Also went on a long run on Wednesday.

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  1. So do you ever do HIIT anymore, or just long runs like you did on Wednesday?Also, is that bad shoulder still affecting your fap schedule?