Monday, May 17, 2010

Entry #824

My overhead number is utterly abysmal. I pressed 210 for a single today. Compare that to 225 x 3 9 months ago:

At this rate I'm going to have to grow 50 mustaches just to be considered tough enough for a breast pump commercial. Progress, this is not.

Of course, I'm only 212 lbs. with much better cardio, so it's not like it's been a linear regression. If my present self were to fight my 240 juggernaut form I would win as is. In fact, I pound-for-pound I'm stronger than I was then, since I basically overhead pressed my bodyweight. And yet, as Mark Rippetoe once succinctly proverbed, "The universe don't give a shit what you weigh. All that counts is what you pick up from the ground."


  1. Pics Nao of your new slim body!

  2. Keep at it man. Losses happen during lulls in motivation, but the important thing is to kick ass and come back stronger than before. Within a couple of weeks, you should be shattering that easily.