Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Entry #813

One of my nieces accepted my beef jerky offering with suspicious skepticism only to end up being an enthusiastic convert to the congregation of smoked animal flesh devourers. I would be proud, but that's sissy ****.

I went on the longest straight run I've done in years tonight. I may be weak as sin in lifting now, but at least my cardiovascular conditioning is at the best it's ever been. It was for about an hour with a pretty decent pace, topped off with a sprint down the street by the end of it. To get back to my place I have to loiter my way to the side of this locked fence (or scale it) on times like this when I don't bring my keys. While doing this I noticed how cushiony the leaves felt on the side of the embankment I was on and I couldn't help letting myself lie there for a few minutes, looking up at the moon (which had a striking corona around it - an evil omen).

Edit: Just stayed up until 6:30 AM reading about the Kosovo War. Why the fuck do I get addicted to this stuff.


  1. So did you fap while you were lying on the leaves?

  2. One of your nieces fell for it? I will have to retrain her to resist the wayward habits of her uncle...