Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Entry #811

I'm down to 218. Shit.

I need to fight someone/something/Jesus. George never spars me anymore.

ME upper

Pin press:
135 x 3
225 x 3
275 x 3
315 x 3
325 x 3
335 x 2
340 x 2

Close-grip bench press:
210 x 10
210 x 8
210 x 4
135 x 12

I don't know, I'm too sleepy to remember the rest right now. Oh, I did weighted pull-ups with a dumbbell because these boobs took away the badass harnesses I usually tie around me and attach the huge clanky Soviet-era iron plates to. Leave my shit alone, you whores. It worked well, though. It was only 30 lbs. because I've been doing plain, unweighted pull-ups for awhile now and need to get back into torturing myself with really heavy pulling.

I love how I just waltz in during the middle of these stupid CrossFit classes and nobody has the gall to tell me to leave. I'm the only one in this place who uses the power rack and they have no right to keep me out of their little Marxist gathering if they want to house MY power rack in their area. I made a lot of noise to counter their terrible hip hop music.

Also, I wrote a quick rebuke today to someone about this supplement called White Flood:

"Oral arginine only has 70% bioavailability and about half of that can even be converted into orthinine. As a result studies usually do something silly and impractical like infusing this shit directly via an IV as opposed to ingestion, along with an exaggerated dosage (T-Nation cites 30 grams).

Onto GABA. This is an inhibitory transmitter of the central nervous system. How anachronistic is that (especially in contradiction of caffeine)?

If it did the opposite it would be touted as an explosive energy booster, but here the fact that the receptors adhere to sleep makes it incite a deadly zen-like focus that will simmer you down and help you concentrate on your lifting better. Wow, apparently you can't lose; either way, there's something good to be said for it. If only nutrition really worked that way.

Reminds me of how serotonin and melatonin in low carb diets are chastised for making you feel lethargic and also praised (during the carb-loading cycles) for helping you chill out. The convenience of such selective reasoning is funny.

Glucuronolactone is found in every energy drink, just like caffeine. Now we're gathering more examples of superfluous and commonplace ingredients being packaged and made into something more than they actually espouse."


  1. How do you hold the dumb bells while doing pull ups? With your feet?I use one of those harnesses at my gym. You could probably make your own with a leather belt and chains from a hardware store.

  2. I love how sassy you get when you talk about nutrition. :P