Monday, February 8, 2010

Entry #809

Someone called me a "robot" today just when I thought I was losing my (cold, ironclad) touch. I was beginning to miss it. I love the smell of self-cast aspersions in the morning.

Let's see, last night I went running and it sucked, which ruled. I'm incrementally adding on more and more sprinting to various parts of the usual route - in particular and without coincidence, right where that one bar that always has karaoke hour going on is. I get the hell out of there real fast.

Today sucked, too. My core is pathetic. I only managed 235 x 1 on push press (failed the first rep, got the second) and on the eccentric my spine felt like an accordion when absorbing the impact of the bar landing down. There was no pain on that in and of itself but from what is likely the consequence of the entire session I can barely even bend my back right now. I'd go so far as to say I did better last week, too. My abdomen didn't feel strong or stable at all, which is my fault for blowing off lower body days. On the other hand, maybe I'm expecting too much. I've lost 30 lbs., after all, and my waist isn't nearly as thick as it used to be. I definitely can't jump into heavy GMs or anything tomorrow, though, if I'm even able to lift at all.

Edit: 6:54 AM, can't fucking sleep because of this weakling back.


  1. You'll probably end up like Bruce Lee. Remember his back injury?

  2. last night I went running and it sucked, which ruledI love your logic sometimes :)