Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Entry 800

Went drinking tonight. I didn't get drunk; drinking gets me'd. George and I were simply out about town and he insisted on buying me a beer after I wasted my money on the Playstation Network download-renting a shitty, shitty movie (Big Man Japan). I said why not, so we walked over to Boulevard Tavern, some biker place. It sucked, hard. Beer is vile, vile shit. I didn't make a scene about it or anything - really, it didn't taste any different from what I expected it to. It was just A. distasteful, and B. fucking boring. Seriously, I thought bikers were supposed to be badass, not fat old men trying desperately to hit on the bartender. Anyways, last time I ever do that, that's for sure. I felt no change coming out of the bar than I did going in, by the way, but I didn't drink a great deal.

I was a bit stunned that George even asked me to begin with. Actually, there are a lot of changes about him that surprise the hell out of me, but I don't feel right talking about them behind his back here.


  1. Oh wow you had what I assume was your first beer. Congratulations. Beer is for the most part an acquired taste though, unless you're drinking really good beer. But I guess that won't matter either way since it sounds like you're pretty set on not having any beer, or alcohol, ever again. And yeah, you won't really feel anything from one beer.

  2. Fedor's thoughts on beer, at 2:54: is superior.