Thursday, September 24, 2009

Entry #785

Tuesday sucked harder than a...nevermind. Analogies here will not be appropriate.

Overhead pressed 215 and barely hit 2 reps. What the hell?

My postulations:

1. Too much RE and not enough DE. Felt sluggish. I always respond better to speed work anyways but lately I've been doing weeks of endurance training instead.

2. I can't remember what I was thinking for this.

3. Now I remember. Not enough variations on it. For bench I do pin press, rack lockouts, board press, and floor press. For overhead pressing I just itself. I need to try push pressing and perhaps overhead pin press/rack lockouts.

 Also, I should try doing singles every now and then like in my old Westside routine. I made great gains off it but I would feel burned out after a bit. Integrating it in with 5-3 would work.

Today was great, though. I did power cleans for DE. Tate press for 8 was with a record 90 lb. dumbbells.

Off-topic: a few years ago I posted my purchase of a Hori Real Arcade Pro. I sold it later on and regretted it. Finally, I have a stick again.

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