Friday, August 14, 2009

Entry #777

DE upper

Power cleans:
135 x 3
3 sets
185 x 3
5 sets
> I found a pretty good deadlift exercise with these. On my off-days, I'll practice reaching down for the bar quickly while keeping an arch to get used to the idea of an immediate start.

Close-grip bench press:
215 x 10
215 x 10
215 x 8

Cable flyes

Inverted cable rows:
12 reps, unknown weight
> These rule. I just align a bench underneath a lat pulldown machine. Credit must go to Emevas for inspiring a similar idea done with bands on his bench a couple of years ago that I've always remembered.


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  1. Gotta thank my wife for that one, she came up with it, haha.