Thursday, August 6, 2009

Entry #772

More internet problems. It's just something I'll have to contend with.

I've done a lot of excellent work this past week. I recorded some of my day on Tuesday in the form of an instructional video for some people on GameFAQs:

Today, I did crazy bells with actual kettlebells, for once. I was going to do speed bench but since the Crossfit area was open, I figured I might as well make use of the equipment while they last. The one thing I'm really sore about is not having regular access to the glute ham raise machine, but who knows now? The fence has been unlocked all this week, so maybe it'll stay that way. They also had a ton of quality stuff in there, like boards (which I already have) and bands (weaker ones than my own, but more springy and probably better for benching). Of course, there was everything I already had and nothing like chains or trap bars, but I was impressed otherwise.

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