Friday, July 17, 2009

Entry #766

I went to the gym early today for a long DE session. The closed section's fence (an indoor chain-link fence for no reason - how stupid) was open so I got to mess around with the kettleballs, two of which I swiped and hid in the regular room for when I do crazy bells later. The wall was painted with "CROSSFIT LOS GATOS". I should print out the anti-CrossFit article I have and tape it on the wall. Marked on whiteboards were the top records of whatever this all was, and I was equal to or stronger than most of them. One insane guy had a 600 lb. deadlift and another sported 40 pull-ups, but I posit myself equal to the 360 lb. bench (second place was only 305) and definitely above the 455 lb. squat.

DE upper

> These are the barbell variation of "dumbbell shotput" in this link:
Since I'm not actually throwing the barbell like I would with a dumbbell, though, as an actual shotput, so I'm renaming it shotGUN for no logical reason. Fuck logic.

I did a ton of other, less important stuff. It was productive, though. After my shake, I swam around in the pool.

My left hand hurts on the left-most knuckle under the pinky. It's from clenching so hard on plate pinches a few days ago.

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