Thursday, July 16, 2009

Entry #765

Yesterday was a productive DE with front squats. The last time I stretched, I strained too far going past my toes and suffered some mild back pain as a result of contraindication, so I did glute ham raises instead of RDLs despite feeling up to par for the most part. I was much stronger on them than before - I have to chalk this up to all the sprinting. Also, I did calf raises with eight plates on each side but received no soreness whatsoever from it compared to five from last time.

Tonight, I headed over to the track and did the usual 30 minutes of stretching and form practice before playing soccer in the grass. Everyone wasting away on a monotonous treadmill needs to jump off and just run around outside like a kid again. This was basically an equivalent of HIIT but on a more hospitable surface to my joints. I see it as a staple from now on.

Coming across a tire in the grass made me think about ordering a sledgehammer to use on it. I'll check Home Depot first.

All back pain is completely eradicated.

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