Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Entry #756

Yesterday was pretty bad for DE. I did overhead squats in prep for heavy squats Friday and I stopped at set 8 because my knee was feeling a little uncomfortable. It's very easy for the knees to bow in on them as I struggle to stabilize the weight above me. I'll sacrifice depth for form if I have to.

RDLs, I couldn't even do over 5 of. My hamstrings felt supremely stiff and 315 felt heavy. I couldn't properly thrust with my hips. Frustrated, I stopped for safety and did glute ham raises instead.

Today was awesome, though. I went to the track for HIIT and stretched beforehand. Again, my hamstrings were so tight that I could barely straighten out my legs to touch my toes. I think I've been training them too much without properly stretching them out, making them tense. I'll have to be more vigilant in that. I did HIIT for about 10 minutes afterward and then shadowboxed.

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