Monday, June 8, 2009

Entry #752

ME upper

I'm going to be adopting fighter_and_writer's method of recording because this new Xanga form doesn't save spacing for my usual organization. If I put five spaces (Tab doesn't work anymore, either, so I have to tap the spacebar five times) between two items, it comes out as one space after posting. Forget that.

Pin press:
135 lbs. x 5
185 lbs. x 5
225 lbs. x 5
275 lbs. x 5
295 lbs. x 5
315 lbs. x 5
> These rule. Never tried them before. I have a tendency to do too much touch-and-go, so they should be helpful. I was surprised how easy this all was from a dead start.

Close-grip bench:
295 lbs. x 8
295 lbs. x 8
295 lbs. x 8

Barbell front raises:
80 lbs. x 8
80 lbs. x 8
80 lbs. x 10

Standing one-armed cable rows:
Entire stack x 8
3 sets
> Very explosive on these. New favorite lat movement. I can see these being very conducive to snapping back punches.

Went to the track and did pull-ups and ab work after.

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  1. Glad to see I can inspire you in some way.What height are the pins at for the pressing?