Thursday, April 30, 2009

Entry #746

DE upper

My nape is much better and more mobile, but I'm forgoing any heavy pulls for a few weeks just to be sure. Safety sucks.

"There is no point in living if you cannot do deadlift." -Jon Pall Sigmarsson

Speed bench:
10x3 185 lbs.
> I always start slow before I'm really blazing. Warm-up better.

Incline flyes:
3x12 50 lb. dumbbells

Cable pressdowns:
3x12 Entire stack
> I treat these as DE, practically, done extremely fast and hard.

Weighted chin-ups:
2x8 50 lbs.
> I felt a tad bit of pressure in my shoulder girdle, so I moved on to unweighted.

Wide-grip pull-ups:

Alternating curls:
3x14 55 lb. dumbbells

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