Monday, April 6, 2009

Entry #743

If I was capable of being afraid, I'd most likely frighten myself, sometimes. I was minding my own business and walking innocently to the gym (kicking rocks at squirrels and car tires along the way - also innocently) before a packed car of very loud people swerved onto the street I was walking down. As they approached and passed me, they screamed out the window in my direction, "WOOOOOOOH! YEAH HA EAHH! WOO HOO!" Now, my intent was to stay stone-faced and passive, but out of nowhere my head snapped suddenly to them and I roared, "QUIET!!!" It got my blood boiling for the weightroom, at least.

Speaking of which, I was greeted there by one very enthusiastic Andrew Rose, who I've known since middle school band. Yeah, he's a lifter now, and a Westside proponent at that. He's not very big, but he's the closest to my knowledge level out of anyone I've ever encountered in person. It feels weird casually speaking about glute ham raises and band techniques in a non-online venue, but very gratifying. He suggested that I enter a powerlifting competition with him when he finds a good event. I'd have to cut down to 210 or so, but that would be prime.

On business matters, I've officially regained back what I'd lost from my sick leave.

ME upper

Floor press:
6x5 135, 185, 225, 275, 295, 310 lbs.
> One month ago: 295 for 2 reps. Today: 310 for 5. An easy 5 with no struggle. I would have done an even 315 if I knew how much I'd regained. I am the seeker of power and my fist is the divine breath.

Arnold press:
1x10 65 lb. dumbbells
1x8 75 lb. dumbbells
1x5 65 lb. dumbbells
> Hell. I'd never expect these to do what they did to my shoulders. I was in pain from the blood flooding in, although the rest times were shorter than they'd normally be in the interest of time.

Bent-over rows:
2x8 210 lbs.

I ran out of time, so afterward, I went to the track and did two sets of 8 wide-grip pull-ups and some ab work.

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