Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Entry #742

Apparently, the universe doesn't align itself to my very whim because my bag is still ripped. When I was going down the gym stairs, at the worst (i.e. best) possible timing that could happen, the contents in my gym bag - eight water bottles and some supplements - dropped out everywhere, right in the path of someone ascending up. "Whoa, we've got a spill here!" she proclaimed with astuteness that I can only wish to aspire to one day. I couldn't let myself look weak, so I explained, "No, no, it's all part of my workout, here."

No fatalities, unfortunately.

ME upper

Military press:
6x3      95, 135, 265, 185, 200, 210 lbs.
1x2      215 lbs.
> A substantial improvement, and I could have hit the last set of triples if I rested a while longer. 210 felt like nothing. I'm more or less back to the same level as I was before I was stricken with illness.

Floor crushers:
1x6      135 lbs.
1x7      135 lbs.
1x6      135 lbs.
> I like these for the disregarding clanging that fills the room, drowning out the talkative socialites. My triceps were destroyed, here.

Front raises:
1x16    55 lb. dumbbells
1x12    55 lb. dumbbells

Cable rows:
4x10    200 lbs.
Super-setted with:
Bilateral dumbbell curls:
2x8      45 lb. dumbbells

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