Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Entry #739

DE lower

Overhead squats:
8x2      135 lbs.
> Some balance issues, and I didn't go ATG. I got about parallel on most reps, and a little more on a few strong ones. Twice, I lost my balance and dropped the bar, and three times I stumbled and stood up with the bar coming back to my chest, rather than keeping it up.

Romanian deadlifts (snatch grip):
3x8      315 lbs.
> This is always rock solid. It felt good to still feel strong on something.

Hammer curls:
1x12    60 lb. dumbbells
2x8      60 lb. dumbbells
> There's definitely some deltoid recruitment in hoisting the weight up, but I need heaviness right now.

Janda sit-ups:

Crush trainer
> 3 sets of 10 was less of a cakewalk than it should have been. I can say with certainty that it's from the overhand deads, though, and not because of any loss in crushing ability.

Moreover, these new bars have less knurling, so it's really a testament to my gripping ability that I don't do a mixed on RDLs anymore.

This dog followed me for a bit when I was walking home. I couldn't even see its form in the dark, but I heard the bell on its collar jingling. It's a very beautiful animal, rather small and with long, straight, orange fur. Beauty is for weaklings. Oh, and I was at the ready to destroy if it decided to attack, but it didn't make so much as a sound. It just walked along and sniffed things. Lazy bastard.

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