Saturday, March 7, 2009

Entry #737

I was desperately sick for all of last week, and it took everything vested in me to eat above what a normal person would. Despite miserably choking down weightgainers all day, I still lost 10 pounds within a matter of days. Originally, I intended to train as I normally do (I arrogantly told myself I would "blast" my illness out of me), but once I thought things through and realized that I'd only prolong my condition by not allowing my immune system sufficient recovery, I ultimately set on taking things easy. What a disgusting word.

On Monday I did one mediocre ME day (rack lockouts for only 295 lbs.x3), and haven't been in the gym since. Beyond that, I've done some easy running sessions and push-ups here and there. I plan on giving myself hell next week. I'll take seconds.

Oh, and I pretty much never get sick, so this pissed me off. I really need to eat more organic foods enriched with vitamins.

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