Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Entry #727

My internet's been out of commission, but I'm back online.

RE upper

Incline bench press:
1x20    95 lbs.
1x15    135 lbs.
1x9      185 lbs.
1x7      185 lbs.
1x10    135 lbs.     

Dumbbell flyes:
3x10    55 lb. dumbbells
> I've taken a liking to this again for shoulder health.

Overhead EZ bar extensions:
4x7      110 lbs.
> I'm good at this weight after dynamic effort, but my triceps were worn today. These were ugly, ugly reps, with excessive back swaying and splayed elbows. I'll definitely go about 10 lbs. lighter next time.

Weighted pull-ups:
1x8      50 lbs.
1x7      50 lbs.
2x5      50 lbs.
> Much stronger reps than last week.      

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