Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Entry #709

Renovations continue at the gym. Look no further for the futility and wastefulness of human nature. The walls don't need painting, but they get paint. The equipment doesn't need reorganizing, but they get reorganized. The rooms don't need to be switched, but they get switched. Maybe they're just artificially trying to create jobs. In that case, I salute their patriotism.

I was shaking my head yesterday and muttering, "Too many machines", and one of the employees laughed and said, "Yeah, someone like you doesn't need these things." They got rid of the basketball court to fill it up with useless exercise machines. How many leg curl stations do you need? The answer is zero, for the record.

Today was pretty badass, though. They're moving everything into the other room, so everything was a mess. Sure enough, though, the power rack was in its usual spot. I did squats amidst what looked like a warzone. Machines and benches lay piled in heaps around me, and I stood the victor.

DE lower

Speed front squats:
10 x 2   225 lbs.

Good mornings:
2 x 8     220 lbs.

I ran out of time here, so I went to the high school and finished up in the grass.

Strict crunches

Crush gripper

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