Friday, October 31, 2008

Entry #704

Today started out mediocre but eventually made up for itself. For one, my back was sore, and not in the good kind of context. I would have had to cancel if today was a deadlift or squat session. RE upper went by, as boring as always. I overcompensated for the fact that I was hungry last time by eating like a savage, and I was full and lethargic as a consequence.

This old guy that I always see (he's the one who filmed my bench video) was having trouble with squats. I use "old" in the most technical sense possible, because he's stronger and more energetic than most of the young people there. Anyways, he failed on his first rep, but luckily, the safety bars saved him. He cursed and I asked him if he needed a spot, and he goes, "No, I'm just cramping up badly."
"Oh, is it in your calves? Or your quads?"
"Up in my quads."
"You know, I usually punch my legs in between sets when mine hurt. It helps keep them tense, while at the same time promoting blood flow through the region."
"Oh, really? I'll try that."
"Also, try to visualize disbursing your weight on the blades of your feet."

We went on like that for a bit, and then he did five perfect ATG squats. "Huge difference," he remarked after he reracked.
"You go really deep," I complimented.
"Yeah, it's because of how much I've watched you."

Just talking about squats got my blood boiling, and I finished up the session much, much stronger than the level I started it at. I owe that guy.

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