Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Entry #698

Bag work: five three minute rounds. I practiced superb pacing today, coasting through the first few rounds and then going all out in the last set. A strong start is important, too, but this is the way to go in contrast to giving up all reserves early. I wasn't very tired after the fifth, so I can open up a little harder next time.

My hooks are up higher so they're landing at head-level now. Head movement was employed much better than last session. I'll film tomorrow's practice to see what I'm doing wrong in ways that can only be observed from an outside perspective, as is so often the case.

I didn't wear hand wraps, and my wrists were sore afterwards. I shouldn't neglect them.

Before that, I warmed-up with the PS2 Eyetoy, which actually tired out my sore shoulders. I wish there were some real games for it instead of cartoon minigame compilations, though. The Virtua Fighter one is the least embarrasing selection.

Later tonight:

DE lower

Band-assisted box squats (alternating parallel and ATG):
10 x 2   225 lbs.
> These bands are fucking strong. Unloading the bar requires a ton of stabilization, and since they're pulling back, I have to fight against the force or else I'll go flying backwards. Great speed here. Probably my best performance on these ever.

Romanian deadlifts (overhand grip):
3 x 8     310 lbs.

Ran out of time at this point, so I went to the track again and did planks and grip work. There were bats flying overhead. Made me hungry.

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