Thursday, September 25, 2008

Entry #689

Bag work (9/24): three three minute rounds. This session was filmed. There were tons of problems. First, my right is dropping after it connects and before I snap it back (at least my guard stays up). Joe Louis had this problem, and Max Schmeling picked it up by studying his tapes before he knocked Louis completely out. Now, that was Joe Louis, so just think how big of a problem this would be for mere mortals.

Also, I'm trying too hard to be fast, so I'm not leaning into anything as much as I should. Don't try to be flashy.

Hooks are always low. I've just noticed this. They never land at head-level.

On the plus side, my stamina is incredible, so at least I'd be able to go the distance; I'll just look ugly doing it.

After that - and this is still yesterday - I did HIIT on the hill again before tapering off on a steady run.

Today was DE day using the bands on speed bench. They worked great. I can't wait to build up to a 400 lb. bench press with these.

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