Saturday, September 20, 2008

Entry #686

Bag work: five three-minute rounds. My stamina impressed me. I was contemplating on whether or not to film it, and decided not to. I regret not doing so.

My range is at a good distance. It doesn't feel like I'm "stuffing" my punches, but film is really the best way to gauge this. Speed and power were more consistent than they've ever been. I'd venture to say that this was the best session I've ever done.

Something I'm doing is employing more lateral movement while throwing hard jabs. When it's time to change directions, I'll then compensate with a fast right. It seemed to work on George.

Gym-wise, I've been adding heavy dumbbell flyes after speed work on RE and DE days, and I'm now under the conclusion that they're invaluable for flexibility and mobility in the shoulder region, along with pullovers. Usually, I have to start off easy with hooks in order to warm-up, but not today.

Later at night, I walked to the track and jumped-rope.

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