Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Entry #644

My whole body is sore. I took five minutes of shadowboxing to warm-up today, and my shoulders felt as heavy as anvils. And believe me, I walk around with anvils on me all the time.

After that, I did three rounds on the bag for three minutes each, with about a minute and a half break in between. I was dying in the heat. Death is, of course, the goal.

I'm showing good lateral movement, a far cry from any of my videos I have up. My guard is solid, as well. It was painful to weave because of how unstable my quads were, though.

Next, I just did repetition stuff with kicking, emphasizing form over intensity and pace. That can come later. George expressed interest in sparring earlier, and this time, I want to best him at his own game instead of outboxing him.

In the evening, I jogged over to the school, but both the field and track were busy. Luckily, I found a second field behind the bleachers that was completely empty, where I practiced more kicks. I also did some neck bridges and kip-ups, and then I ran back home, sprinting on the uphill portion and the bridge.

Also, I stretched for thirty minutes at night, as always.

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