Sunday, June 15, 2008

Entry #641

I went for a jog over to LGHS, and at first, I thought I was in trouble. My shins began to hurt after about two minutes. My cardio is excellent from hill sprints, but my feet just couldn't keep up, it seemed. I arrived at the track, with the intent of practicing on forms in the grass, but there were people walking around in the field, and I didn't feel like working around them, so I did pull-ups on the bar and stretched before running back, sprinting on both the uphill portion and across the bridge. When I was done, my shins were completely fine, and I was actually out of breath. Awesome. From there, I worked lightly on the heavy bag.

This is a cool picture of Muhammad Ali practicing Shorinji-Ryu karate with Ken Balliet, who taught some lessons to Bruce Lee. Ali claimed to have been training in it for his third fight with Frazier, in order to give his punches more twist so they would cut Frazier's face up. As anyone who saw that fight knows, that is a huge understatement to the punishment that ensued. It's hard to tell, but the setting looks a lot like Ali's training camp up in Deer Lake.

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