Thursday, June 12, 2008

Entry #638

I'm making this entry in haste because I want to start a movie that I just got working through a codec update on my media player (Dirty Harry III).

DE upper

Speed bench:
You know what? DE is boring as Hell, so forget recording this. The only notable thing today:

Weighted pull-ups:
3 x 8     50 lbs.
1 x 6     50 lbs.

That was an improvement, but the downside is that I've lost weight from my trip from depending on low calorie conveniences like beef jerky and am down to 226. It's only 1-2 pounds, though, so I can definitely attribute this to strength gains.

Must eat more.


  1. If you do pull ups on those cable stations where the bar is in the top middle, make sure you go up to about 80 or something. I think the max load is ~300lbs. In the words of PPP, "Destroy"

  2. Might wanna try some bands or chains to make DE more interesting.  I just picked up my chains today, and will hopefully be using it soon.

  3. I do them on a wall-mounted bar. And yeah, I plan on buying bands very soon.