Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Entry #629

RE lower

Front box squats:
3 x 3     135, 185, 185 lbs.

Front squats:
1 x 12   185 lbs.
1 x 8     185 lbs.
1 x 6     185 lbs.
> This was light in order to get accustomed to the movement. I should get up to 225 next week.
> None of the sets were even close to failure, but I felt a twinge in my left knee that made me stop short. I should have warmed-up better.

Good mornings:
4 x 8     205 lbs.
> These were the best sets I've ever done.

> Janda sit-ups
3 x 8
1 x 4
> Haha. The first three sets were perfect, but the last one was hideous. It felt like I someone had shot a cannonball through me (which I should look into doing for an ab workout).

Crush trainer:
3 x 15
> I accidentally brought this thing instead of the #1.


  1. Front squats have an amazing way of alluva sudden killing you.  You'll be going fine, and then you suddenly have no gas left and everything starts to really suck.  Were you using the arms folded grip, or the clean grip?

  2. Folded. I used to use the clean grip but with way too much arm support, so I was basically in military press position.