Friday, April 25, 2008

Entry #611

I spent an hour and a half trying to undo an insane knot in a strap I tied through a 45 lb. plate around my waist for weighted pull-ups. Trying to slip out of it did nothing but tighten the knot, so I was trapped with a huge hunk of metal tied to me unless I undid this beast. The more I spent on it, the harder it became as my hands began to tire and my blood sugar levels dropped from hunger, which made my arms shaky. At one point, I also crushed a finger between the plate and the metal edge of the bench I was working on. Still, I was determined not to have to resort to asking for help. My fingernails began bleeding after about 45 minutes. Even when I had it loose, it still wouldn't budge because the plastic ends of the strap wouldn't fit through the openings. Eventually, I managed to twist one end sideways and through the hole. By that time, it was 9:30, and I had been in the gym for three hours. The victory was worth every bit of it.

My fingers hurt like hell and I can't put any pressure on the nails without them burning in pain, now.

Post-workout meal was weightgainer and some juice. I needed the calories to compensate for the extra time in the gym.

DE upper--

Speed bench:
10 x 3   185 lbs.

Tate press:
4 x 8     55 lb. dumbbells

Cable pushdowns:
3 x 10   150 lbs.

Weighted pull-ups:
2 x 8     45 lbs.
1 x 7     45 lbs.
1 x 5     45 lbs.

Didn't get to do curls because of that little fiasco up there. It pumped my forearms, at least.


  1. Was gnawing through the rope an option?Good time to work on that jaw grip strength.

  2. I seriously considered doing that, at one point.