Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Entry #606

Bag work in the afternoon. No wraps; just focusing on form today. Practiced some 1-2's, and a 1-1-2-3.

Stood further back to get a full reach. No stuffing punches.

Speaking of which, I found this pretty good boxing manual in my school library by Curtis Cokes, who I've never heard of before, but with contributive help from former heavyweight champion Ken Norton, who I, of course, know very well in having broken Muhammad Ali's jaw, being only the second man to defeat Ali and barely losing two controversial decisions in their rematches, and giving Larry Holmes hell in one of the best final rounds of all time. He could box, but, unlike Ali, never fared well against knockout artists with his weird scuttling style and was slaughtered by George Foreman, Ernie Shavers (both of whom Ali defeated), and Gerry Cooney. But I might have to buy this thing.

RE upper:

Dumbbell press:
2 x 20   25, 50 lb. dumbbells
1 x 12   100 lb. dumbbells
1 x 5     100 lb. dumbbells
1 x 8     100 lb. dumbbells
> 60 second rests destroyed my arms. By employing better breathing, I squeezed out 8 on the last set.

Tate press:
4 x 8     55 lb. dumbbells

Cable pushdowns:
2 x 12   150 lbs.
1 x 10   150 lbs.

Weighted wide-grip pull-ups:
4 x 5     45 lbs.
> Much harder than standard grip.

Bilateral dumbbell curls:
1 x 8     40 lb. dumbbells
1 x 5     40 lb. dumbbells
1 x 4     40 lb. dumbbells

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