Thursday, April 10, 2008

Entry #602

Got trapped in the bathroom stall today (technically yesterday, Wednesday, because I'm writing this entry at 4 in the morning before I go bed) at school. The lock had jammed when I closed the door and wouldn't open. I stood back, leapt forward, and side-kicked the stupid thing wide open. It almost flew off its hinges. Good thing nobody was standing behind it.

Squats tomorrow. Blood vessels will pop.


  1. I've had similar situations attempting to get into rooms. Wanted to say hi to a friend/steal any food, didn't see chair holding door shut, lightly kicked the door, and...well, no more chair. Wanted to leave classroom, some idiot was holding the door shut, I pushed against it for a few seconds with no success, so I stood back and kicked it open. He'd had his fun by then, though, so nothing was behind the door, and now they're fixing a fairly large crater in the wall from where the handle hit.Kicking doors is fun. <.<