Monday, March 31, 2008

Entry #598

ME lower

5 x 3     135, 225, 315, 365, 405 lbs.
3 x 1     455 lbs.
> Last set was the best, but these were no cakewalk. The 405x3 was actually easy, but I think it sapped more strength from me than I originally suspected. Also noteworthy was that I started in the squat cage because the deadlift corner was taken. When the occupiers left, I reracked the 365 I already had and set everything up again in the corner. Had to give my back a longer rest afterwards to ensure top performance.
After the next few weeks of squats, I intend to do either rack pulls or reverse band deadlifts, depending on what I have access to.

Overhead hyperextensions:
4 x 8     50 lbs.

Punch crunches:
4 x 12     My fists.
> Pain.

Bilateral dumbbell rows:
3 x 8     85 lb. dumbbells

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