Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Entry #579

I'm reading through The Naked Warrior,
and Pavel advocates one method of enforcing tension by having someone
hit and kick you before doing a contractive movement, like push-ups or

"Have a friend pound your muscles with his fists, the ridges of his hands, or his feet. He will be delighted."

Does anyone need a partner for this? I offer only for your benefit, of course.

to the track at night, but the gate was locked. Thought about jumping
it, but I decided there were other things I could do, so I walked back
and did hill sprints. My legs were already sore from Monday; after
three laps of these (jogging backwards on the way down), they were
dead. Cardio held up well. After that, I shadowboxed at the base of the

Next, I practiced holding the horse stance in my room.
After everything, I couldn't keep it for more than several seconds. I'm
going to keep at this. It's convenient to do, and it's difficult. With
weights for strength training and uphill sprints plus this for
endurance, my legs will be forged into solid blocks of iron. I don't
even mean that figuratively to merely describe improving their
musculature or anything, either. I'll literally convert their molecules
to the element Fe.


  1. You should do jumping jacks instead

  2. I love shiku-datchi holds. I wish I had a longer hill for uphill sprints. I can traverse mine in 40 seconds. Good for speed purposes, but not endurance. I could reduce the rest times to make it more aerobic...hmm...OR I could forge my own hill. That would work.

  3. Mine isn't particularly long. I do laps.

  4. Instead of everything. Jumping jacks get you ripped! Especially while watching Jean Claude van Damme movies.

  5. *cue mediocre Black Sabbath riff*<.<