Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Entry #574

ME upper

Board press:
5 x 3     135, 185, 225, 275, 295 lbs.
4 x 1     320, 320, 320, 325 lbs.
> I almost failed the second set of 320 from poor coordination, although I got it up after about five seconds of struggling. I was a bit wary of the weight by the ensuing set, and as I was prepping up for lift-off, I suddenly realized I had to pee badly. Anxiously, I grabbed the load off and did the strongest, easiest rep yet, for the sake of getting to the bathroom quicker. Good motivation. 325 was easy. The problem before was not tensing up enough.

Close-grip bench press:
2 x 8     195 lbs.
1 x 7     195 lbs.
1 x 4     195 lbs.
> Fatigued badly on the last set.

Lat raises:
3 x 8     40 lb. dumbbells
> Should note that I always hold the dumbbells to my sides, rather than in front of me, to keep constant pressure on the deltoids, thereby making the movement harder.

Bent-over barbell rows:
4 x 8     155, 155, 165, 165 lbs.

EZ bar curls:
1 x 8     100 lbs.
1 x 4     100 lbs.
> Was in a rush, at this point, and didn't rest long between the sets.

Stretched for 30 minutes at night.


  1. I imagine after some heavy board pressing you're gonna experience a good degree of fatigue on any other tricep exercises through out the day.  You might wanna try some bradford presses as your supplemental work if you wanna still get some pressing in without frying out your triceps, and maybe save the close grip work for your DE day.  But that's just me.  I love bradford presses and board presses, haha.

  2. I've always tried to avoid behind-the-neck stuff, but I'll give these a go next time.

  3. Well, if you wanna avoid behind the neck, your could just make it a partial military press.

  4. I'll just adhere to the exercise. Most of the problems seem to be an individual thing.