Sunday, January 20, 2008

Entry #562

DE upper-body

Speed bench:
10 x 3   185 lbs.
> About a four second pause on the bottom.

Tate press:
4 x 8     45 lb. dumbbells

Cable pressdown:
3 x 8     No idea.

Weighted pull-ups:
2 x 8     35 lbs.
2 x 6     35 lbs.

Hammer curls:
2 x 10   50 lb. dumbbells
1 x 8     50 lb. dumbbells

I wanted to take a new back bi picture because I was leaning back in the old one, which distorted my shape.

Geez, good thing my hair is always covered up with a hoodie.


  1. Man, you kill me on pull-ups.  Looks like some great back development.

  2. Thanks, although I use a pretty narrow grip, which makes it easier.

  3. I find a narrower grip to make things tougher for me personally, because it makes me have to travel a further distance, haha.

  4. That's interesting. The narrow way is so much easier to me that it off-sets the distance. I should probably try mixing it up.