Saturday, January 19, 2008

Entry #561

Weighed 205 lbs. today.

DE lower-body

Box squats:
10 x 2     225 lbs.
> Still on the low platform with one plate. Looks to be about 8 inches high. Rather than decrease the height from that, I adopted a wider stance, which makes a big difference in difficulty. First few sets were somewhat slow, but it picked up after about #3. Rocked back and sat for about 4 seconds before driving up.

Good mornings:
4 x 8     175 lbs.
> Felt lighter than I expected it to.

Full-contact twists:
4 x 8     70 lbs.
> Kept arms straighter.

Assisted neck bridges:
3 x 5
> First time trying these. Couldn't quite do it without holding onto the squat rack. I was able to support my weight without help if I held my neck in that position, so it's just a form issue, in specific regards to rolling with my feet and onto my neck.

Crush gripper #1:
3 x 5
> Still not very proficient on this. I may revert one day out of the two to timed holds with the Trainer.

Stretched for thirty minutes at night.

I've been eating these great frozen burritos from Costco. Each is tiny, but is packed with 500 calories and 25 g of protein. Eat four at a time, and that's an easy 2,000 calories, with plenty of room left to spare. I'm all out now, unfortunately.


  1. No, I missed this one. Transportation woes. Even Berkeley was way closer, last time.