Friday, January 11, 2008

Entry #555

Full-contact sparring. Or rather, he went full-contact and I shadowboxed him. Short guy, but strong. He kept decking my face and then going, "Oh my God, that was hard", and I told him to keep coming. Was right out of Raging Bull. I had to promise I wouldn't hit back. Got hit full-force every few seconds.

Puny 6 oz. gloves. Barely any padding.

He had excellent weight behind his throws. Leaned into them extremely well. I'm satisfied that I could brush off getting hit so often.

My legs were more tired than my arms. Bag work has payed off, but I need to condition my legs to swaying and weaving. Nothing that crippled me, but it was a bother. Uphill sprints will be perfect for stamina, Marciano-style.

Mouth is bloody from no mouth guard. Also, I kept instructing him along, so my jaw hurts from getting hit with my mouth open.

He got my number so we can go again on Sunday. I'll film it, although it won't be much to look at since I can't really display my punching ability. That's kind of annoying. It just removes an element out of the defense component because I can't push him back by countering or anything.

Points for next time:

> Everytime I threw a fast combination, he'd get thrown off. So press the action more. Shadowbox him to Hell. Kill the air molecules. This stance is not a passive style.

> Stick with the plan. Biggest error on my part was not sparring the way I've been training.
He's short, so I stayed on the outside and kept my lands low.


  1. That's a great drill for defense.  I understand how frustrating it can be.  Best thing I can suggest is work on attacking from your defense when you're on the heavybag so you don't get into too bad a habit.

  2. Make sure not to accidentally split an air molecule with those WMDs of yours.