Monday, December 31, 2007

Entry #548

Started in the afternoon with two five-minute, hard rounds on the heavy bag.

Stretched for thirty minutes a number of hours later.

Went to the track at about 7:30 PM and ran two miles, sprinting the last straightaway. I'll do three next time. I wasn't breathing hard in the least from this. Followed that up with shadowboxing before walking home. There, I ate a quick meal of two raw eggs, some peanuts, orange juice, and milk. Not exactly a gourmet meal, but it had everything I needed. Played Super Castlevania for SNES while I waited for that to settle in, and then did more shadowboxing in front of the mirror.

Roll the shoulder and project into a straight line. Some weird waverings before I got warmed-up.

Rear hand didn't drop. I've rectified this completely, by this point.

Hook - shoulder precedes the arm. Weight transfers to rear leg, although I've been doing this more forcefully.

Useful combos:

Where 1 = jab, 2 = cross, and so on for lead and rear hook (*singular* hook for lead only, although thrown from the rear may work as a looping throw - it'd pretty much have to be a stroke of luck for something that wide to connect in any but the most perfect openings on that side) and uppercuts.

Using those to approach combinations more deliberately and with intent, rather than just improvising and throwing stuff together. I'll be recording them from now on.

I'm thinking about doing one traditional jogging session like the above once a month, increasing the distance by half a mile successively until I'm up to 15. That way, I won't suffer any drawbacks in strength. I'll still maintain conditioning through interval cardio, of course.

Was talking to an old AIM contact, and he asked if I want to do an all-night training session tonight, if he drove down here from San Francisco. Eventually decided on meeting up tomorrow at the track, so we won't have to work in the dark. He's smaller, at 5'7 and 140, but it'll be a good opportunity to spar, regardless. I was thinking I shouldn't in-fight against him with the peek-a-boo, but stay away so I can't outmuscle him, but that then gives me the reach advantage. Since it's just sparring, we can experiment with whatever. We used to exchange shadowboxing videos and critique one another's clips, and he's quite good (and experienced). I'm going to call George tomorrow to invite him to it, but I don't see him coming, if I were to predict that.

Also, I ordered a digital camera to have before the throwdown on January 19th. There will be blood.


  1. What's this "throw down"? I need to visit the bay area sometime.

  2. A martial arts meet-up for sparring.

  3. Where is awakenedstream's place?

  4. In Concord. We're awaiting further follow-up on the address and stuff. From the looks of it, it looks like Emevas might be there, too.

  5. Sadly Concord is a little too far north for me.  If it was San Jose it'd be a little easier.

  6. Too bad. Hope the next one is closer.

  7. Dang. Concord is about a whole day's drive. I'd have to get a hotel, and there is no way in hell that would fly with my parents.