Saturday, December 29, 2007

Entry #546

DE lower-body

Box squats:
10 x 2   225 lbs.
> Sat down for about three seconds on the platform before driving back up. Felt like a vacation.

Pronated grip Romanian deadlifts:
3 x 8     265 lbs.
> The overhand grip was a struggle by the last set, but I held through. Once I get to an even 275, I'll probably stick to that for a number of weeks to let my holding ability catch up. The weight itself otherwise feels pretty light, even for a high-rep assistance lift. Zero struggle on my back. Can't wait to test my standard deadlift.

Full-contact twists:
4 x 8     55 lbs.
> Lowered the weight to focus on form.

Hise shrugs:
3 x 10   225 lbs.

I was weaving and shadowboxing under the barbell between sets of Hise shrugs and I smashed my head into all 225 lbs. of it. My brain felt like it was about to explode (which would have ruled), but I ignored it pretty easily. I can't wait to test my recuperative abilities in the ring. The last time I got hit hard was when I fought Julian. I like to think that I won't ever get K.O.'d as a pro, like George Chuvalo (never knocked down, let alone out, even against opponents like Frazier, Foreman, and Ali) and Muhammad Ali (knocked down three separate times in 20 years, and immediately got up after each), but I'm sure that everyone thinks that of themselves, regardless of what will actually ensue.

George's mom commented that I look skinnier, probably intended as a compliment. I need to eat more. In actuality, I've gained weight and am at an even 200 lbs.

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