Sunday, December 23, 2007

Entry #542

Speed push-press:
4 x 3     145 lbs.
Clean and press:
3 x 3     145 lbs.
> Switched around for the sake of it.

Tate presses:
4 x 8     45 lb. dumbbells

Cable extensions:
3 x 8     150 lbs.

Weighted pull-ups:
2 x 8     35 lbs.
1 x 6     35 lbs.
1 x 4     35 lbs.
> Short rests to finish before closing time, hence the discrepancy.

Dumbbell curls:
1 x 12   35 lb. dumbbells.
1 x 6     35 lb. dumbbells.
> I had about 30 seconds between these two sets. Get to the gym earlier.


  1. I have a new heavy grip but I can only close this one once with my stronger hand. Would it be good to use both of my hands to close them then try to hold it as long as possible with just my one hand?

  2. I would just do partials, but I think I recall Fighter_and_Writer utilizing negatives like that. I just don't see you capable of holding it shut with one hand if it took two to actually close it, but if you can, go for it.

  3. On the negatives, it's basically a slow release rather than a timed hold, but I think it works off the principle of being stronger at the finishing part of the motion rather than the starting point.

  4. It's completely the opposite for me, then. The final portion is the hardest.